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Devilof-allDEVILS much people trust me
Warning: Light Novel spoilers

whoops wip

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ooc: gASP-
i missed rping with you ; v ;
it's been so long !
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check yo self
before you wreck yo self
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He stumbled. And quite a lot, really. Though no one should have blamed him right off the bat of being idiotic - since he held an apparent distaste towards that. It was just this new human form, which was much more different than his spherical, transported-by-the-laboratory-rail, body. Got to admit, for looking like a human, he was not that bad (at least he thought so). Still, no range in looks could help the control of his movements, thus resulting him to topple over. 

He hit the ground with a thud, groaning at the tediousness it was getting up. That was when he spotted the other male not that far off from him, raising a hand, he tried to wave. "Um, hello! Yes, uh.. could you -- would you mind lending me a hand here? Seem to have lost my .. footing, heh." Where was that heroic brain damaged test subject? Ugh, perhaps wandering elsewhere. Her and her muteness -- how mad she was.
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{ heavy breathing

i miss rping with you

yes hi im that ash

idek if youre still active cause it doesnt look like it but still }
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EmilytheNeko Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
"Excuse me, sir?" I run up, stopping before you. "Have you seen a little girl around here? Pink dress? Blonde pigtails? Carries a stuffed bunny?"
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