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ooc: I call the Orihara x Furudo pairing 'Super Psycho Love-'

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Devilof-allDEVILS much people trust me
"You’re being both selfish and thinking about others, committing a crime only to atone, you’re trying to change the world while keeping yourself in your shell. Although what you’re doing is all a contradiction, I think that part of you that can’t be explained with reason is very human-like. Everyday you start walking with your right foot first at the crosswalk, you just step with your right foot for no reason. I think such easy to change things are one of the parts of human nature.”

Izaya Orihara. The underground informant who loves humanity. Meaning that he will put some of them through hell just to see how far they would go and to see the look on their faces. And for the shits and giggles. In short, he's a sociopath. A sociopath that should never be trusted. By anyone. Ever. When he's scheming, he chooses his pawn, leads them to a false sense of security... and then he lets them crash and burn on their own. It, understandably, leads them to hate him later on in their lives. Yep. Moral is, if you trust him, it ends badly for you.

W. I. P.

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3The sound of footsteps ascending the stairs of the dark building. Light leaked in from the other side of the door — as the electrical system in this building was completely dead, it was probably a flashlight. And now, that direct line of light shone towards the room where the informant was held captive.
The door opened.
And there.
Was the form of a girl he knew very well.
“Oh? You’re awake, Izaya-kun.”
So she said.
Furudo Erika.
Furudo Erika — said this expressionlessly, in her usual cool tone of voice and without a smile, shining a flashlight at him.
“Thank goodness — I was beginning to worry if you were going to die.”

Erika closed the door, and briskly walked towards the informant.
There was no hesitation in her stride.
It was the attitude of one who did not hold a single doubt regarding one’s actions.
“Are you all right? Does the back of your head hurt? Are the handcuffs to tight?”
She asked, setting aside the flashlight and sitting in a chair across from the other.

"I never knew holding you hostage would be so easy. Are you perhaps losing your swiftness?"
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