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ooc: i wish the fandom appreciated vorona more

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Devilof-allDEVILS much people trust me
Warning: Light Novel spoilers

whoops wip

too lazy to edit

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T-sumetai Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  New member
(( thanks for the watch back <3
care to rp? ))
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{ oi oi
thanks for the watch back !!
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B-itchcraft Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
3The sound of footsteps ascending the stairs of the dark building. Light leaked in from the other side of the door — as the electrical system in this building was completely dead, it was probably a flashlight. And now, that direct line of light shone towards the room where the informant was held captive.
The door opened.
And there.
Was the form of a girl he knew very well.
“Oh? You’re awake, Izaya-kun.”
So she said.
Furudo Erika.
Furudo Erika — said this expressionlessly, in her usual cool tone of voice and without a smile, shining a flashlight at him.
“Thank goodness — I was beginning to worry if you were going to die.”

Erika closed the door, and briskly walked towards the informant.
There was no hesitation in her stride.
It was the attitude of one who did not hold a single doubt regarding one’s actions.
“Are you all right? Does the back of your head hurt? Are the handcuffs to tight?”
She asked, setting aside the flashlight and sitting in a chair across from the other.

"I never knew holding you hostage would be so easy. Are you perhaps losing your swiftness?"
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Smart-And-Proud Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
ooc: gASP-
i missed rping with you ; v ;
it's been so long !
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check yo self
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